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Roselyne O'neill Art

Scottish Deerhound

£55.00 - £80.00

Scottish Deerhound

A sighthound, the Scottish Deerhound's predecessor most definitely existed before history was recorded, kept by the Scots and Picts and used to help with hunting for food. Archaeological evidence of the Deerhound can be found on Roman Pottery around 1st CenturyAD and also on battle scenes of Pictish carved stones such as Hilton Of Cadboll (see other listing of from my Pictish Art series) The Deerhound was used to chase and hunt the magnificent red deer until the end of the 19th century.

Today the Scottish Deerhound is a magnificent companion dog, still very much apt to chase those deer with that overpowering instinct which has seen centuries of hunting.

Fine art giclee print from an original acrylic ink painting

Print Information:
Printed with lightfast inks on premium paper -
Printed on Hannemhule German Etching paper 310gms
Epson Ultrachrome pro12 inks

Supplied in a tube carefully rolled in tissue paper
Price includes UK postage