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Roselyne O'neill Art

Celtic/Pictish Horse

£45.00 - £65.00

Inspired by the Inverurie Pictish Horse and celtic knotwork, this horse is reproduced from a pencil drawing from 2006.
One of the 'Pictish Art Collection.

Genuine fine art giclee print printed with lightfast inks on premium paper -
Printed on Hannemhule German Etching paper 310gms, Epson Ultrachrome pro12 inks

Open Edition and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity
Image size is 21x17.5
The prancing horse of this illustration is inspired by the carved Pictish horse on an ancient granite slab which is now in the old churchyard of ‘the Castle Yards’ near The Bass of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
This is the only occurrence of a pictish horse symbol without a rider. Hunting scenes with horses and riders are frequently found, making this carving highly unusual.
The Horse was a very important animal to the Celts representing Epona, the Horse Goddess. Associated with power, majesty and nobility the horse was a powerful symbol.
The Horse could also represent the gift of prophecy and act as a messenger from, and a link to, the Otherworld.
My illustration is purely how I see the Inverurie Horse. I have based my drawing on the carving of the Picts (painted people). The carvings are stylised and often abstract though mostly recognisable as objects we know. However, we will never really know what these symbols mean. The Picts ruled much of Scotland in the Dark Ages and held a strong and distinct culture.

The print will be provided rolled up carefully in a tube
Mounted prints available on request
Unmounted prints fit standard frame sizes